• Papers presented in the symposium will be published in abstracts book.
  • Full papers must be written according to the guideline below and submitted at the latest October 19, 2018. Full papers will be published in Symposium Proceeding E-Book after the peer reviewing process.
  • Full papers  may also be published in peer reviewed journals to be announced later.  Submitted papers will be evaluated in the context of related journal guidelines.
  • Participants must indicate their preference of publication in the submission form.





  • Full Papers must be in Times New Roman font, size 12. Figures and tables must have titles on the base, size 10.
  • Full Papers must be in the form of a docx. or doc. with single-line spacing, bloc paragraphs, and 3 cm margin.
  • The papers must include title, abstract and key words both in Turkish and English, and must be in-between 3000-5000 words with references.
  • Title of papers must be in size 14 in capital. Subtitles must be in size 12, bold and adjusting the left.
  • Name(s) of the author(s) must be under the title, adjusting the left. The name, affiliation, academic title and e-mail of the author(s) must be attached as a footnote in size 10.
  • In-text references and bibliographies of all submitted papers should follow APA (6th Edition)


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